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"Having been practitioners for most of our careers, we truly understand what it's like on our clients' side of the fence, trying to navigate competing agendas in order to do what's best for the company. This experience makes us invaluable thought partners as we help take mission-driven organizations from high-level strategy to on-the-ground and actionable practice."
Daniel Mendieta
Daniel Mendieta Co-Founder and Principal
"Since 2012 we have been committed to bringing a different style of consulting to the market. We have a passion for problem solving and a love of technology. The fact that we successfully couple our solutions with innovative technology, for the long term sustainability of our clients, is what truly sets Aadmi apart."
Aadmi Consulting
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“Aadmi” is Hindi for “People”. Our goal is to provide first class ‘people’ strategy and full life-cycle support to our clients.
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