Boston-based Aadmi Consulting is passionate about putting their expertise as full life-cycle human resources consultants to good use by working with mission driven organizations from all corners of the world to improve their performance.  The firm recently announced the launch of their dynamic new website, which presents a closer look at their diverse and affordable services.

October 14, 2016

For many global companies, finding support for their human resources efforts can be incredibly valuable and affect their overall performance in dramatic ways.  Boston-based Aadmi Consulting specializes in international human resources and strategy consulting by delivering tremendous value to clients across the world, many of whom are startups and non-profits in the most remote parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia.  In recent years, Aadmi Consulting has seen their focus expand to include delivering the latest technology solutions for clients, which has inspired the firm to completely rework the company website to better showcase both the old and the new services and solutions they offer.  The new site goes live on October 15th, 2016.

“Aadmi Consulting has been at the forefront of supporting mission driven organizations and start-ups since 2012,”  said Daniel Mendieta, Co-Founder and Principal at the company.  “We’ve provided innovative pathways and technological solutions to numerous industries operating all over the world.  This move to a new platform, which will tie together several of our products and make information more accessible to our clients and prospective clients, is a natural one, and we are incredibly excited for its release. 

According to the firm, Aadmi Consulting understands deeply the challenges their clients face, when both local realities and a global marketplace's demands must be considered and addressed in order to achieve optimal performance.  With broad expertise in international best practices, labor, and compliance laws, performance management, HR audits, compensation, organizational succession planning, capacity building, benefits assessment, and talent acquisition, Aadmi Consulting is defining a new perspective in outsourced human resource solutions.

One of the areas where Aadmi Consulting receives consistent praise is in the very attractive price points at which they set their services.  This is as an important part of their mission to help nonprofits and startups with significant challenges.  The cost effectiveness is maintained at all points in the life-cycle of the organizations they work with and is a true reflection of Aadmi Consulting's vision of what they hope to accomplish for their clients across the globe.

Feedback from clients continues to be positive across the board.

Mary-Helen Nsangou., from Root Capital, recently said in a five-star review, “I've had the pleasure of working with Aadmi Consulting over the past three years. Daniel and Priya have helped us to identify, develop and implement strategic approaches to HR. They've guided us through highly challenging projects, most notably the creation and implementation of a compensation philosophy, all with an orientation to building our capacity as an HR team and as an organization. We are a stronger organization as a result.”


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