In exciting news for companies and organizations with 75 or fewer employees, leading international human resources firm Aadmi Consulting recently announced they are offering a full featured Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platform, 100% free of charge.  The first class HRIS platform has been widely praised by users for its versatility and effectiveness.


November 3, 2016

Small companies and organizations often face significant challenges when it comes to organizing and operating their human resource efforts.  International human resources consulting firm, Aadmi Consulting, understands these issues and are doing their best to help in real, tangible ways.  In more recent news, Aadmi Consulting announced they are now offering small companies and organization with 75 employees or less a completely free, full featured and highly praised Human Resources Information System platform likely to make many HR managers' lives simpler.  This HRIS platform, unlike offers from other, less transparent firms, is 100% free, with no expectations or requirements that the small company rent a server, hire Aadmi Consulting for work or have any other strings attached.  This offer has been met with very enthusiastic early feedback across the board.

"We strive to support start-up companies and nonprofits," commented Priya Licht, Co-Founder of Aadmi Consulting.  "It occurred to us that many of our clients in this category were either working out of spreadsheets, looking at near-free solutions that didn't offer either enough functionality or support, or just jumping straight into paying for solutions meant for much larger entities.  With recent changes in the Affordable Care Act reporting and overtime legislation, we want to do our part to support this high risk group of employers."

According to the firm, the set of features and capabilities of the HRIS platform they are offering for free to small companies and organizations can match those of many HRIS platforms that come with significant price tags.  Some highlights of the elements offered by the platform include:  Online Enrollment, ACA Reporting, Employee Onboarding, Reporting Options, Custom Branding, Defined Contribution, Time Off Tracking, Carrier EDI Feeds, Employee Self Service, Plan Comparison Tool, Mobile Access, Payroll Reports, Alerts & Triggers and many more.  It's very likely that the platform's functionality covers all the needs of a small company or organization, in everything but very exceptional circumstances.  Aadmi Consulting is available for training or implementing the HRIS platform, but using them is entirely optional.

Aadmi Consulting is a full life-cycle international HR and Operations consulting firm with a true passion for both data and technology.  Some of their specialties are: domestic and global recruitment; employee training and retention programs; tax and labor law compliance; compensation and benefits related issues; high quality employee evaluations; and competency management.  The Boston-based firm has deep ties, not just in the United States, but across Africa, Asia and Europe as well.

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