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If one thing is true about business, it is always evolving. New trends emerge, old approaches disappear, and people come and go—and your HR department needs to stay on top of these developments. Without an accurate assessment of your HR system, you could lose your place in your industry.

Quality HR support means periodic reviews of employee records, benefits and contracts, external compliance, and for nonprofits, donor requirements and records. These reviews can be a costly burden, especially if they are ignored or done improperly.

Aadmi Consulting works hard to support all our clients over the long term. To keep their HR practices from going pear shaped, many of our clients order an annual audit of their HR departments. During an HR audit, Aadmi Consulting:

  • Evaluates all HR policies
  • Reviews practices in hiring, onboarding, performance management, training, retention, compensation, benefits, and termination
  • Identifies, reviews, and maintains data for key indicators such as employee satisfaction and turnover
  • Provides metrics and benchmarking data for donor and compliance reporting
  • Recommends and supports implementation of any key changes

Our annual HR audits give you a clearer picture of how to get the most from your human capital and how your business is evolving and adapting to an ever-changing environment.

Aadmi Consulting: Experienced Global Human Resource Consultants for the Long Haul 

Sometimes, another set of eyes can see the real picture. At Aadmi Consulting, we bring a comprehensive approach to developing your human resources.


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